Dr. Molly Barnes

Musicologist, Teacher, Performer

Private Lessons

I have taught private violin lessons for many years, and my students have ranged in age from 3 to 60. My teaching style is traditional (i.e., non-Suzuki), although I do frequently use Suzuki books as sources of repertoire.

A successful student-teacher relationship depends on respect, trust, and both parties' determination to achieve specific goals, whether technical or musical in nature. I focus heavily on the fundamental issues of rhythm and intonation, which form the basis for excellent musicianship. I expect students to practice daily and to be ready for and open to new challenges.

Currently I teach private lessons in piano and violin, in-home and in-studio, through Skylark Music School in Chapel Hill. For more information about Skylark, please visit skylarkmusicschool.com.

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Molly with her violin students after their winter recital, December 2018.